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Newest Interpretations

  • Cast Away
    The message behind Cast Away.... The message is that you never really know how life is, or how it's goin... more
  • Limitless
    really does no one notice the lab tech he paid 2 million dollars to recreate the formula in 6 months. Then ... more
  • Green Mile, The
    Evil destroys good but good is righteous and indestructible and will survive all attempts of annihilation a... more
  • Black Swan
    Each of us has truly unlimited potential. Limited only by ourselves. To break down restriction must overc... more
  • Cast Away
    Chuck went above and beyond his job's requirements. He spent 4 years trapped on an island with only a voley... more
  • Cast Away
    I just noticed that when the fedex guy first picks up the package from Betina at the beginning of the movie... more
  • American Psycho
    The movie is a metaphor for the culture of the 80's Wall Street equity firms. They are doing morally uns... more
  • A Clockwork Orange
    the theme would be that there is no such thing as good, people do things for there own image and there own ... more
  • Book of Eli, The
    To me its simple. The power of the book is that historically religion was the governing institution in a so... more
  • Rise of the Guardians
    Finding your center. Acknowledging the fear and fighting it. Power of belief more
  • Big Fish
    In my perspective this whole movie is about a man that was always a step behind his ideas. At the beginning... more
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Eternal Sunshine speaks about connection. A spark felt between two people is not developed. It is inexplica... more
  • Cast Away
    I agree that the 4 directions and he turns back the way of the angel wings lady and smiles. And he was neve... more
  • Rubber
    The reason why this movie was made? "No Reason" more
  • Vanilla Sky
    during the movie sophia states that she is going to her job as a dental hygenist, at the end of the movie t... more