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Newest Interpretations

  • Stone
    I think this movie talked about recantation, everything and everyone has a cycle. We pay here in earth not ... more
  • Stone
    In the end,the wife commits suicide by getting run over by the train. The final scene Jack looks up to be i... more
  • Cast Away
    I think Kelly is cheating on Chuck even before his plane crash. Why do I think that? In the scene wh... more
  • Hours, The
    Honestly, I did not find this movie to be one of the best ever made. I’m sure that there are others who di... more
  • Cast Away
    I first saw this movie back in 2001. Watched it, thought it was pretty good and forgot about it. The last f... more
  • Vanilla Sky
    A powerful film that's forces us to think about the human experience . The mind is very complex, it gives u... more
  • Lion King, The
    From a Christian standpoint Mufusa is the lions father calling him home. The Lion of Judah (Jesus) had to g... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    Former slaves join up with a group of Christian warriors that want to go on a Crusade to Jerusalem to get r... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    a great article found on internet, french language with google translation Questions of Norse mythology ... more
  • Cast Away
    I've watch this many times.. every time more comes to me...suffice to say that the other comments are dead ... more
  • Donnie Darko
    The future Frank time travels back to when his grandfather Frank is killed by Donnie to interact and affect... more
  • Under Suspicion
    A movie that leaves you with a lot of questions at the end, but here is my take. Henry is a peadaphile a... more
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop
    1) What role do the men play? 2) How many female street artists are there? 3) What does this say about ... more
  • A Clockwork Orange
    I think the point of the movie is that if you want to stop violence, you have to treat the society's ills, ... more
  • Big Fish
    I think the movie is all about Will and Edward both accepting how Edward is going to die and making him liv... more