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  • Valhalla Rising
    Valhalla Rising begins in the northern Highlands of Scotland. One Eye is Viking and comes from Sunderland (... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    You people are reading into it too deeply. It's nothing more than a lesson in human psyche. The fact that "... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    It was good. I was entranced with the cinematography. Darren Aronoksky (The Fountain) came through with a g... more
  • Rubber
    This website asks me for my interpretation of Rubber. Go to google. Search "Define interpretation" no... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    Great reading everyone's interpretation. I believe One-Eye represented respect for nature. He neither sided... more
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
    This has not so much an interpretation as trying to come to terms with a movie that seems to be more than j... more
  • Rubber
    I have to take the movie as just non sens its just crap and people go out of the way to try to over complic... more
  • All Is Lost
    The "ring of fire" ending is significant. His final choice of setting his raft on fire was an all or nothi... more
  • Eyes Wide Shut
    I think the central theme of the movie was "If you ever go looking for your heart's desire-don't look any f... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    For myself this visually beautiful film could be about whatever you want it to be. Most accept that one eye... more
  • A Man for All Seasons
    In my opinion, the greatest film ever made. Everything about it, from the costumes to the music is outstan... more
  • Black Swan
    Swans feet? Lots of frantic fiddling? Nuts. Good nuts. But still nuts. more
  • All Is Lost
    The man was committing suicide, the speech in the beginning is his confession, the hand at the hand was god. more
  • August: Osage County
    One of the best dirty laundry movies I have ever seen. It was raw. It was ife. Mr. Letts presented it in a ... more
  • Green Mile, The
    I cannot count how many times I have seen this movie. I watched it last night again and got a whole new mea... more