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Newest Interpretations

  • Vanilla Sky
    A bit late, but watching this movie and reading your theories. But the name "Ellie" is not a name, but it i... more
  • Apocalypse Now
    My overall interpretation is that despite the Chiefs high credentials and exemplary military record, in vie... more
  • East of Eden
    I believe the idea behind this film is first, that what we consider good isn't always so, and what we consi... more
  • American Psycho
    Is it possible that he simply is "not there"? He does actually say so directly at the end of the film. Is h... more
  • Revolver
    It's a big fat metaphor to people's ego... the only real ''enemy''. Basicly we get to see jake's journe... more
  • Pulp Fiction
    It's about the benefits of honor and morals in the chaotic world of organized crime. more
  • Midnight in Paris
    This movie sheds a lights on an artist's life; Whose reality is fantasy, in books and art. The character... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    The only one that didn't go into the Indian burial ground in the new world was the little boy. That is the ... more
  • Cool Hand Luke
    Luke is jesus- As seen in church at end, people feed off him, and what gave it away for me he is making t... more
  • Pulp Fiction
    I heard a theory that it is about music. Butch is heavy metal, Marsselius are the blues. Vincent and Jules ... more
  • Edward Scissorhands
    I think it is also important to bring up that though most all of Edward's experiences in "suberbia" were ho... more
  • Tron:Legacy
    Nice interpretation Oliver. Seems buddhistic to me in some parts (sorry, just beginning to learn about that). more
  • Butterfly Effect, The
    Am I the only one who thinks the deeper meaning of this movie is about the consequences suffered to kids of... more
  • Vanilla Sky
    ellie = l.e. the firm more
  • 28 Days Later
    2002? i saw "BUSH" "chemtrailing" and "Hell". In that order. But I only seen it once. more