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Newest Interpretations

  • Big Fish
    This movie is all about understanding and accepting each others perspective on life. The son fights his w... more
  • Lion King, The
    A family oriented film. It will stay close to my heart. The Lion King roars into action. Best Musical ... more
  • Requiem For A Dream
    As mentioned above, the film title means; a mass of dead dreams. The Mothers dream isn't to be on TV i... more
  • Frozen (2013)
    I think this movie is about like letting go of all your fears and being you and not afraid anymore even tho... more
  • Limitless
    I think he was telling the truth at the end of the movie and that he tapered off of the drug. Although I do... more
  • Cast Away
    Wilson (the imaginary friend that shows us we would rather be crazy than lonely) is in the story to teach C... more
  • Departed, The
    I think besides such topical meanings as loyalty, truth and the relationship between cops and criminals, th... more
  • Hours, The
    Life is a struggle for everyone at some time, some more trying than others. In the end, we are given so man... more
  • V for Vendetta
    "Ideas are bulletproof", basically I think the movie is trying to show us that ideas never truly die. Sure ... more
  • Midnight in Paris
    We marvel the past, not only the memories but history. Because we know what happens there. In the present y... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    I think the film is trying to inform us that Gods, myths and stories have been created by man. Man has the ... more
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
    I think that the movie is about the problem with gentically engineered crops. Everything now a days has bee... more
  • Lobster, The
    Both the Hotel owners and the outcasts in the forest represent the church's rigid control over sexuality an... more
  • Lobster, The
    I Agree and was expecting the "nosebleed" couple or the Hotel owners,to start the revelation themselves. Es... more
  • Butterfly Effect, The
    -small things can create great impact for a life time... -accept the present and let go the what has hold ... more