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Newest Interpretations

  • Pulp Fiction
    the movie is about the same thing every tarantino movie is about ....tarantino...hey look at me im deep im ... more
  • Tron:Legacy
    Very resourceful, I've always thought I'm the only one that sees movies in this light.I really enjoyed your... more
  • Big Fish
    I believe it's all about how Bloom saw his end will be. Knowing how and when he dies made him live life to ... more
  • Sexy Beast
    It refers to the life of crime as being something you can't help but be attracted to. You want to retire, ... more
  • Green Mile, The
    I think the movie is so aptly named, the green mile. Apparently it indicates the green floor that the co... more
  • Where the Wild Things Are
    I think that at the beginning of the film, Max has problems with controlling his anger towards his family b... more
  • Braveheart
    Braveheart is about freedom, who would have guessed ? But it's most importantly about courage. In Wallace's... more
  • Big Fish
    Just another opinion.... When people leave small towns they are afraid of the world outside the town. ... more
  • Braveheart
    "It's all for nothing unless you have freedom." more
  • Contact (1997)
    I thought this was a very creative contemporary sci-fi. Carl Sagan was brilliant. While the movie brings up... more
  • Apocalypse Now
    The visual we all remember is Brando in the shadow (in his 'temple') Coppola is an intelligent man and his... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    I think it could mean the cycle of life through mankind. He finds the arrowhead in a place considered to be... more
  • Donnie Darko
    You can't change what is supposed to be, and there is no need pondering about the past as you can not chang... more
  • Cast Away
    I agree with others' interpretation of elements of 'Cast Away' in some respects. 1)I think that the charact... more
  • Valhalla Rising
    "The Sacrifice" is not his life, but what is left of his life, namely "Wrath". He's already dead. His huma... more