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Newest Interpretations

  • Prometheus
    Be careful about wanting to make a prequel to a classic. It may turn out to be a convoluted mess and find t... more
  • Rubber
    Huh, I thought the movie was the result of someone losing a bet or being challenged to make a movie where b... more
  • Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013), The
    A playful Judeo-Christian interpretation, a la Joseph Campbell Who is Walter Mitty? As the movie begins... more
  • Rubber
    This movie is about a tire that kills shit. End of story. No metaphors, or deeper meaning. more
  • All Is Lost
    He was not committing suicide. He knew he was at the end. The only real question is whether he died in the ... more
  • Frozen (2013)
    CHARACTOR SYMBOLISIMS: Anna-yourself. Elsa- A friend who you are trying to fix your relationship with. ... more
  • American Psycho
    I think that Bateman is just dreaming. more
  • Eyes Wide Shut
    He clearly wished to expose the rituals that secret society's, like the Illuminati, are involved in. The po... more
  • Wizard of Oz, The
    This is another movie that I have watched and picked my meaning too I use pretending with this movie and ot... more
  • Lion King, The
    I like to watch movies like this and figure out how each character relates to me. I also like to try to con... more
  • Sexy Beast
    Well, it is kind of about how things happen one way and that you don't really see how it could not be exact... more
  • Black Swan
    the "swan lake" production was the ironic symbolism, because that story line is what occurs. she has two de... more
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
    Cohen Brothers movies are generally about a character whose life is a "bowl of shit." In some of the films ... more
  • Cast Away
    Chuck writes a note which said "... this package kept me alive" - and left the package at the doorstep. Th... more
  • Shawshank Redemption, The
    What is the significance of the name SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION? more