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7 pounds was a very heart felt movie will Smith really played a wonderful man who loved his wife and others enough that he gave everything he had to set things right in his heart. way to go will 
Aguirre the Wrath of God  
Allacciate Le Cinture The movie made sense, except the last 10 mins.  
Beautiful Girls There is so much subtext, perfect for this site! 
Beauty and the Beast Touching, highly overwhelming and positive! 
dragon rouge  
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close While the novel was appraised as being an insincere approach to 9/11, the movie was most certainly a tear-jerker and did a brilliant job revealing the seeking/obsessive/compulsive nature of an autistic child experiencing loss. Box of tissues needed! 
Fight Club  
Fight Club  
Grand piano Explain ending 
He Never Died Curious about the identity of the bearded mystery man who appears to Cain throughout the story. Those more familiar with the story of Cain may be able to easily say. 
Jersualem Movie  
Midnight Special what do the wires on Michael Shannons head imply 
nightmare on elm street  
Oz the great and powerful  
Oz the great and powerful  
Shrek Hilarious nature . And very positively rude. 
Stephen Kings, It I would like to know what the meaning is behind this movie and the meaning of the red ballon 
Swiss Army Man  
Swiss army man To understand all of the emotions we go through  
The Sleepwalker (2014) I have an interpretation. Want to know someone else's opinion and thoughts. It was a movie with many unanswered questions that caused many to dislike the film. I loved it, but I had to watch it more then once and pause scenes to look for clues.  
The Avangers just wanna know more about what people say a bout this movie. 
The Boy 2016 pls 
The Hunger Games Because Katniss could care less about conformity, would die for the ones she loved, and because her 3 finger salute to her division was more of a middle finger to the government and inner-city entertainment. She came from the mountains with bow in hand!  
the presence what ts it about 
The Road All the symbolism through out the movie 
The Talented Mr Ripley  
The Village The latent metaphorical quality make this film superb and indicate far more than what the plot reveals! 
The Words  




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