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Movie: Cast Away

A UPS international operations manager obsessed with time is ironically given all the time he can ask for. He has become unable to spend "inefficient time" with those he loves, even his true love. His island experience of isolation could come even if he was not actually cast away. It could come through the crisis of being laid off or divorced. He readdresses his life and takes on the difficulty of getting back out there. The seemingly impossible odds and the actual relentless waves try to keep him from venturing out. On his journey, he is accompanied by a whale, a God figure, who looks out for him. The whale comforts him, alerts him when Wilson drifts off and wakes him up when the shipping freighter is passing by (listen for the whale sounds). The losing Wilson scene is a pivotal decision to let go of personal illusions in exchange for real life.

Rating: 4.2 with 11 votes.

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