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Subculture Expose

These movies are about niche cultures, societies, fandoms, cults, or lifestyles. They take an objective look at their narrow little areas of interest, and sometimes they even help explain the roots of the subculture's idea to the masses, who wouldn't otherwise understand the subculture's offbeat way of life.

When a subculture expose film works, you get a documentary like Trekkies, exploring the world of Star Trek fandom, or you get a fictional treatment like SLC Punk which is not only a movie for punk rockers to enjoy, but is also a great treatment of the subculture that audiences enjoy even if they hate punk rock. When it fails (no examples, please), you have a public turning negative against the subculture while the members of it protest that the movie didn't depict them fairly at all.

  • 1998 SLC Punk!
    SLC Punk! Director: James Merendino
    Starring: Matthew Lillard, Annabeth Gish, Michael A. Goorjian, Christopher McDonald, Adam Pascal
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